It’s PackRat Time!

Did you ever buy something (OOO pretty fabric!!) and then later.. just don’t know what to do with it??

Welcome to PACKRATAPALOOZA!  Where you can get rid of those things you bought but never used!  Make room in your craft and sewing room by selling it!

For 1 day only, sell your notions and fabric at our store!  Go through your sewing and sewing related items and let us know how many items you plan to sell!  We will generate labels for your items so YOU get the money!  YOU decide how much you want for your items.  You are welcome to man your own table and interact with customers (and might make more!) or else we’ll leave it out for people to buy.






Call or email us to sign up!

Saturday, August 6th  10am-3pm


See you there!!


March is the Month for Sew-ers!

March is the BEST Month for all of us Sew-ers!


Because there are TWO National Recognition Days for us crafty people!

The entire month of March is National Craft Month!  What will you be working on?

march craft month

Then March 19th is National Quilting Day- Guess I know what I’ll be doing that day!  Like we all need a reason to quilt all day!  (Tell my husband to just order take-out!)

march nat quilting day

And again on March 21st is National Sew Day!  I’ll just hide in my sewing room for that week 🙂

So get some of those UFO’s out and start sewing!


Love this bright and festive…dress!

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love lit up my world,

It was so awesome my head twirled.

I knew when I donned my new outfit on Christmas Eve

Santa could find me, and great presents he would leave.

Bright and cheery and lights all over twinkling and all aglow,

Off to Sew On-sew Forth you need to go!

On sale today are some special stuff,

There is so much you cannot get enough!

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All Matilda Polyester Embroidery Thread
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Is anyone wearing this to a holiday party?

Day 8 is Friday, December 18th!

On the 8th day of Christmas, my true love sent my way,
An awesome outfit that out of my mouth no words could I say.
All pretty and festive- it just made me swoon,
Everyone will be talking about it until noon.
Lady Gaga like, with a tree on her head,
Lights and tinsel and green and red.
So much fun but do not stop,
Because under her Santa’s presents may drop.
Instead, for fun, come over to Sew On-Sew Forth
We have a great value we have set forth.

All panels (in stock) are Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off

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You’ll poke your eyes out with this ugly sweater!

Day 7 is Thursday, December 17th!

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me

An outfit you just have to see!

Just like Ralph in A Christmas Story,

All on edge and in their glory

All big and pointy, and now don’t pout

If you are not careful, they will poke your eyes out!

So come on in and make a stop

We have bargains that will make your draw drop.

All in stock fat quarters are just a buck.

How about that for good luck!

And a bonus of which not to scoff,

All patterns are 40% off.

Embroider these on your next ugly sweater!

Day 6 is Wednesday, December 16th!

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

An outfit that was just plain pretty!!

Pink and frilly with reindeer about

When put on, you just want to shout!!

So give a yell at the top of your voice

We have some deals that are just choice!

So now take the time to come to the store
Bargains and savings for Christmas galore.
Stuff those stockings to the top,
With these deals that will make you drop!

All Brother Accessories in stock are 25% off

All pink fabric is $7.99 per yard (or fabric with pink in the design!!)

Is that a potholder on this sweater?

Day 5 is Tuesday, December 15th!
On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me
An awesome outfit you just need to see.
All glitter and tinsel  bright, on you it will look just right.
So don that frock and take a ride down transit road, you shall go
After all there, this year there is no snow!
We have a bargain with you in mind.
You will shout, what a find!
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